Why Team Building Matters

Team building exercises often conjure up images of employees awkwardly psyching themselves up for a trust fallonto a colleague they barely know. But rest assured, modern team building techniques are somewhat different. Times have changed. And with it, so has the makeup of team building exercises. We’re now firmly in the world of more  engaging group activities, ranging from battling the clock in an escape roomto jumping out of a plane in the name of charity. Team building activities are surging in popularity, because the modern workplace has a greater emphasis on collaboration. Teamwork is more important than ever.

Team building activities boost the ability of your staff to work well together in a number of different ways. Here we take a look at some of the reasons to plan your next team building exercise.

Improved collaboration

Working together on an activity enhances the collaboration skills of your team. This can bring huge benefits when back in the office. This is especially true where colleagues who barely know each other, or who tend to socialise within different office ‘cliques’, are forced to work together to achieve a common objective. Staff are able to gain a far better understanding of each other, their personalities and strengths. And better still, where they succeed in reaching a shared objective, employees’ confidence in themselves and their team is greatly increased.

Communication is developed

Communication between workers is greatly boosted by group tasks. Not only do such activities develop the communication skills of the individuals involved, but as employees get to know each other better, they’re able to communicate far more confidently and effectively. Pushing your team out of their comfort zone with an unusual activity, can really encourage them to pull together too.

Its a learning opportunity

It’s so important to develop your staff. Firstly, because this allows them to do a great job, benefitting them and the whole company. Secondly, if you don’t then they’ll go to another employer who will.

Skills such as creativity, problem-solving and leadership can’t simply be taught in a training session. People need to develop them through experiences – team building is the perfect opportunity for that. Unusual group activities have an additional benefit. When someone is in a situation that’s out of the ordinary, their brain actually becomes more alert and pays more attention. This means that people learn far better and acquire new skills when they’re doing an unfamiliar activity.

Staff feel appreciated

Investing in your staff makes them feel more appreciated. And appreciated staff are far more motivated. Not all team activities need to have an ulterior motive – staff bonding and team enjoyment should be reason enough.

An organisation that cares about and develops its employees is a desirable place to work. So is a company where staff work well together – there’s just no substitute for a good company culture. Not only do initiatives such as team building activities develop the team you already have, but they attract more of the best talent too. So whether you’re planning a whole-office treasure hunt or a spot of team bonding whilst climbing Kilimanjaro, it’ll be so much more than ‘just an office day out’.

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