1. denise

    Due to my lack of experience and nerves presenting to people, I asked my Line Manager if I could attend a Presentation Skills Training Course. On the day of the training I was a bag of nerves as I knew the course entailed me presenting for 10 minutes in front of a group. Tom Courtney made me feel at ease within 5 minutes of being in the room. The feedback I had from him and the notes throughout the day were excellent. I fully recommend this course, he made me feel at ease on the second presentation that I delivered and the feedback I received will stand me in good stead for future presentations.
    Rachel Williams, Media City, Salford

  2. denise

    This session delivered by Tom has to be one of the most enjoyable and productive training sessions I have personally ever attended. Tom managed to grab the attention of everyone in the group from the first minute to the very last. It was perfectly pitched for our team, from admin to senior managers and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
    I feel that not only has the team gained an awful lot of knowledge and practical tips around presenting but it has enhanced our working relationship with some great team bonding.
    I would sincerely endorse Tom’s training for any organisation, no matter how big or small, and whether they are looking to train the most junior novice and nervous presenter right through to squeezing that extra bit out of even the most time-served public speaker.
    Lee Howarth, Commercial Manager, Media City

  3. denise

    Tom is a fantastic character who made everyone feel at ease and really engaged everyone in the course throughout the whole day. The pace was bang on, I could quite happily have carried on into Day 2. Fantastic day with some really valuable learning achieved delivered by someone who had clearly lived and breathed what he was teaching.
    Lesley Ward, Media City, Salford

  4. denise

    Tom was extremely knowledgeable and professional with the delivery of the course, but still provided an element of fun to make everyone feel at ease and enjoy the course. I thought Tom made this course incredibly enjoyable, which to be honest; I wasn’t expecting form a presentation skills course. I would be really keen to hear of other courses which Tom delivers that could assist in my development.
    Gemma Luty, Property Asset Manager

  5. denise

    Tom is a fantastic trainer who really interacted with attendees- making the course incredibly interesting and engaging. Excellent Course.
    Rachel Sharples, Marketing & Events Co-ordinator

  6. denise

    Excellent Course. Content and participation was very well balanced – ensured constant engagement. Very good trainer, extensive knowledge about subject matter and delivery ensured attention was retained throughout the day.
    Lynne Haime, Asset Manager

  7. Denise Courtney

    Tom’s engaging and relaxed style enabled me to take a step back and consider where my time was being stolen and where my priorities lay. I left the course with a lot of very useful tips and techniques which I now apply in my daily life which have helped me enormously. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who struggles to prioritise tasks and who feel overburdened in the workplace. I found Tom to be extremely personable, and would recommend him as an excellent trainer.
    Kay Clarke, Director, Jamaria

  8. denise

    I booked one of our employees onto the Secrets of Effective Time Management course and had excellent feedback from them regarding the content. The important thing for us to find in a time management course was for this person to leave with real actions as to what they would do differently following the course and Tom helped them to come up with strategies that were applicable to his role. Not only that but Tom has followed the training up with a coaching conversation a number of weeks after the course, which has been very valuable. I would definitely recommend the course and Tom as a trainer.
    C. Kennedy, HR Manager, Norgren

  9. denise

    Tom as a trainer was very good – he was clear, motivational, very easy to talk to and made the day go very quickly. I benefited well from having the 1-1 approach. Overall a very useful course.
    V. Bowling, Financial Controller, Troy Foods

  10. denise

    Excellent Course. Would highly recommend.
    K.Cray, Brand Partnership Co-ordinator, Barclays Wealth

  11. denise

    Tom is a fantastic trainer and this was an excellent course. It was delivered at completely the right tempo and approach for the participants. The course structure was perfect for my team and I have received universal excellent feedback from everyone who attended. The course couldn’t have been better and I would highly recommend this training .
    Jackie Whalley, Legal and Commercial Director, Media City

  12. denise

    Excellent course. Tom is very knowledgeable about the subject. He has a wide range of life experiences to illustrate points he wants to make. The whole course went well. I found it was very informal as there was only another attendee there, which made a more relaxed atmosphere during the day. The course pointed me in the right direction with regards to doing presentations. I certainly benefited from doing the course. Tom was a very easy going and amiable trainer. I would recommend the course and further courses delivered by Tom.
    Adrian Broadhead, Team Manager, McVities Cake Company

  13. Denise Courtney

    Tom was great at explaining the course details and for concentrating the mind on how to solve problems. This was an excellent course delivered by an excellent trainer.
    Mark Vickers, Norgren, February 2014

  14. denise

    Excellent course – Tom really knows his stuff. I would recommend this to leaders of any teams and not just to “team leaders”. The small group scenario was great as I really feel that I participated.
    Lynne Reeves, Project Management Team Leader8 & 9 December 2014

  15. denise

    Tom was very specific in identifying what issues we had and provided several ways in which to try to overcome them. Overall an excellent course that I would recommend to others. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!
    Jane Connors, Finance Manager, The Forum of Private Business 8 & 9 December 2014

  16. denise

    Brilliant course. Thoroughly enjoyed it, was able to enhance my skills in influencing and persuading. I learned new skills in regards to Negotiation that I will begin to apply. The group dynamic was great. Great discussion and reflection on our own obstacles and ways to overcome them. Great information delivered to apply in work, particularly on Negotiation.

    Tom is a great trainer and very flexible in his approach. He is very personable and takes what could be quite heavy, serious subjects and turns them into a fun learning exercises. He clearly knows his subjects and his passion and love of people is clearly displayed. Well put together course which is applicable to people from all walks of life.
    H. Marshall, Sales Manager, Manchester Conference Centre. – 11 & 12 December 2014

  17. denise

    Excellent course. I enjoyed the content, pace and level of detail. I was fully engaged throughout. Tom is very knowledgeable and provides relevant real life examples to support the theory. He is enthusiastic, energetic and thoroughly professional.
    C. Morrison, Business Analyst, Dooson. – 11 & 12 December 2014

  18. denise

    “This course was brilliant. Tom was really engaging and delivered the course in a unique and interesting way. I learned practical tips and tricks which could be easily transferred into my working day and my own personal life. Would highly recommend to anyone”
    Angharad Hunt, Propelair – December 2014

  19. Glyn Jones, Shift Controller

    Excellent course. The presentation was at a good pace, covered a wide variety of all aspects of communications but was delivered with a very bright, fun and interesting format.
    Glyn Jones, Shift Controller

  20. Kevin, NGF Europe

    Overall an excellent course. Very well presented and good interaction by all. This course would be of great benefit for others, including the managers
    Kevin, NGF Europe

  21. Mike Carr, Shift Controller

    The course trainer, Tom Courtney, had excellent subject knowledge and the course covered a good range of relevant subjects
    Mike Carr, Shift Controller

  22. A. Fairclough

    Excellent course all round! Would be of benefit to others within my organisation, including the managers.
    A. Fairclough

  23. Peter, St Helens

    Excellent course. The pace and delivery made the course enjoyable throughout the day.
    Peter, NGF, St Helens

  24. Heidi, Sales Admin Team Leader, NGF Europe Ltd

    Super Course. Very informative and interesting.
    Heidi, Sales Admin Team Leader, NGF Europe Ltd

  25. Greenhouse Media

    Super Course. Very informative and interesting.

  26. Greenhouse Media

    Excellent course. The pace and delivery made the course enjoyable throughout the day.

  27. Greenhouse Media

    Excellent course all round! Would be of benefit to others within my organisation, including the managers.

  28. denise

    “Val, the course trainer was interesting and engaging and she made sure that delegates personal objectives were achieved. Overall an excellent course.”
    Christine Ford, Housing & Care 21- 9th June 2016

  29. denise

    “This course included lots of practical tasks which really helped me understand what I need to do going forward. Val is a very knowledgeable trainer who was very pleasant and took into account my own learning style. Really enjoyed the session.”
    Ravinder Kaur, HR Officer, EEF Ltd – 9th June 2016

  30. denise

    “An excellent course. Tom, the course trainer, was informative and listened to all points and concerns I had had with training so far. He gave good advice in moving and developing the training further. Would definitely recommend this trainer to others and will use the company again.”
    Misbah Khan, Manager, Care Company Plus- 6th May 2016

  31. denise

    “Alan, the course trainer, was very patient and very good at explaining and picked up on my strengths and weaknesses. 5 star course, excellent!”
    Usha Rice, Hi Spce- 24th May 2016

  32. denise

    “Excellent! Alan, the course trainer was fantastic! Everything went well, would only have been better if there was more time in the day! It was faultless, could not have asked for anymore!”
    Tom Sheppard, Manager, HI Spec Windows- 24th May 2016

  33. denise

    “Alan, the course trainer, was very welcoming and full of knowledge which I felt benefited the whole group for both our working and personal life. Overall the course was excellent, very interesting and beneficial. Would recommend to others.”
    Jasmine Thomas, IDE Rental- 24th May 2016

  34. denise

    “Heather, the course trainer had an excellent knowledge of the subject, was well prepared, had excellent style and delivery and produced an excellent learning climate, encouraging group participation. Would recommend this course to others.”
    Eddy Lascelles, Freelance consultant- 17th March 2016

  35. denise

    “Excellent course, could easily be made into a two-day course. Very clear information and good explanations about complex calculations. Heather, the course tutor was excellent, her information was relevant and clear.”
    Helen Thomson, The First Step- 17th March 2016

  36. denise

    Heather the course trainer answered a lot of questions and was very clear in doing so. Course content was excellent and course was excellent overall. Would recommend this course to others.”
    Sonja Tonas, Director, SJ Consulting- 17th March 2016

  37. denise

    “Excellent course objectives, structure and content. The course trainer, Dave, had an excellent knowledge of the subject, was well prepared, had excellent style and delivery and encouraged group participation. Overall the course was excellent and would recommend to others.”
    Claire Fitzgerald- Firth, Commercial account manager- 12th May 2016

  38. denise

    “Excellent course overall, it was well delivered and structured, David the course trainer did the company proud. I would recommend this course to all.”
    Danny Francis, Project Manager, Cardwell LTD- 9th May 2016

  39. denise

    “First class A+++++! Overall excellent course and course trainer Dave was excellent. Would recommend to others.”
    James Hindle, Area Sales Manager, Easilift Loading Systems LTD- 3rd May 2016

  40. denise

    “Excellent delivery from Dave, the course trainer. Excellent course structure, objectives and content. Excellent course overall and would recommend to others.”
    Mick Agnev, Assistant team leader, Loading Systems- 3rd May 2016

  41. denise

    “Tom was a great trainer, very friendly and helpful. He gave a great introductory, explained himself well and was great in his execution.”
    Klaudia Gierczak, Development coordinator, CSH Ashington- 29th Feb&1st March 2016

  42. denise

    “Tom the trainer was very thorough and good in getting his point across, he was funny and had a great delivery. Course and trainer were excellent overall and would recommend.”
    Maurice Bird, Engineer, CSM Ashington- 29th Feb&1st March 2016

  43. denise

    “Very friendly and informative training. Felt at ease with the trainer and able to ask questions. Overall the course was enjoyable and would train again with Val. The course was excellent and would recommend.”
    Lisa Helman, Executive Assistant, Leeds Trinity University- 18th March 2016

  44. denise

    “Tom, the course trainer was excellent he was very perceptive and knowledgeable. It was an enjoyable course that was well delivered and pitched just at the right level. Would recommend to others.”
    Tony Dalton, Housing Manager, Northward&Housing- 21st April 2016

  45. denise

    “Course was fabulous, I really enjoyed it. Val the course trainer was such a lovely lady and willing to help as much as she could. I took a lot away from the course and will definitely be using my new skills in my next meeting”
    Emily McLaughlin, Kingstanding Regeneration Trust- 20th April 2016

  46. denise

    “Really enjoyed the course, it was well structured and well presented. Will definitely use skills learnt in the workplace. Thank you to Tom, the course trainer, who was excellent.”
    Rachel Dobson, Law Consultant, Self-Risk Management- 13th &14th April 2016

  47. denise

    “Great course. Tom the course trainer was excellent; I was completely engaged. I walked away feeling a lot more confident with my negotiation skills. Would recommend.”
    Emily Elsworth, Manager,, 13th&14th April 2016

  48. denise

    “Course was informative, entertaining and very practical. Overall the course was excellent, as was Tom the trainer.”
    Jonathan Gumery, Supervisor, HFS- 16th&17th May 2016

  49. denise

    “Tom, the course trainer was excellent, he delivered the course at a good pace, making it easy to take in the information without feeling overwhelmed. Would recommend the course to others.”
    James Lyons, team Leader, Cartridge save LTD, 8th&9th March 2016

  50. denise

    “Tom, the course trainer, was a brilliant instructor. I enjoyed every minute of the course and I will take so many new skills with me to work. Overall excellent.”
    Andrew Burt, Team leader, Cartridgesave LTD- 8th&9th March 2016

  51. denise

    “Fantastic course, exceeded my expectations, content was fantastic! It was a really helpful course and can’t wait to get cracking next week. Val the course trainer was amazing, so knowledgeable and helpful.”
    Jen Stanley, PN Officer, APSE- 22nd March 2016

  52. denise

    “A fantastic course that was well-presented by Val the course trainer, it was also well-structured and was a well-balanced day. Thank you. Would recommend.”
    Mark Bate, Manager, Gemini Print- 22nd March 2016

  53. denise

    “Val, was an excellent trainer, as was the course structure, objectives and content. Overall excellent.”
    Hayley Edwards, The Campbell Clinic- 31st May 2016

  54. denise

    “Really enjoyed the day. Overall both the trainer, Val, and the course were excellent. Would recommend again.”
    Tom Reason, General Manager, The Campbell Academy- 31st May 2016

  55. denise

    “Everything went well, Val, the course trainer was excellent, as was the course structure and content, would recommend again.”
    Kelly Mcnamee, Fine Agrochemicals LTD- 31st May 2016

  56. denise

    “Tom, the course trainer, was great. Overall the course content and structure was excellent. Would recommend.”
    Laura Barton, Marketing Officer, Mersey Gateway Crossings Board- 19th February 2016

  57. denise

    “Excellent course overall.”
    Hazel Tucker, EU Recruiter, Glory Global Solutions- 19th February 2016

  58. denise

    “Great course, would recommend to others. Course objectives and structure was excellent, as was the course trainer Tom.”
    Sarah Henshall, Lead Ecologist, Buglife- 19th February 2016

  59. denise

    “Really pleased with the course content and delivery from David the trainer. I felt I learnt a lot. Overall excellent.”
    Jade Tomczak, Bodycote- 24th November 2015

  60. denise

    “Course was concise and effective, overall excellent.”
    Kilaliba Oruamabo- 24th November 2015

  61. denise

    “Very enjoyable experience, fun and informative. Everything went well, Tom the trainer was excellent.”
    David Chrupcala, Data Executive- 10th December 2015

  62. denise

    “Tom, the trainer, addressed the specific issues we raised and we got good feedback, he was excellent. Overall excellent and would recommend this course to others.”
    Gintar Dauluife UKTI- 10th December 2015

  63. denise

    “Tom, the course trainer was excellent, he gave a good presentation with good interaction between delegates. Would recommend to others.”
    Mareise Cook, Finance Executive, UKTI- 10th December 2015

  64. denise

    “Excellent course overall, Tom was an excellent trainer. Would recommend others to book a course.”
    Claire Broughton, Trade Missions Coordinator, UKTI- 10th December 2016

  65. Pav Bagri

    “Excellent days training, great techniques to control my nerves. Would recommend this course to others as overall it was excellent.”

  66. Pav Bagri

    “Excellent days training, great techniques to control my nerves. Would recommend this course to others as overall it was excellent.”
    Pav Bagri, Partner- 12th August 2016

  67. Jennifer Argent

    “I liked the psychological experience that was brought to the training. The stories and examples of the elements in discussion went well. I would recommend this course to others.”
    Jennifer Argent, Trainee Solicitor- 15th August 2016

  68. Paul Moore

    “Great course, very well presented and very valid information. Everything on this course was excellent and would recommend to others.”
    Paul Moore, Production Coordinator- 30th August 2016

  69. Phil Bell

    “Very happy with course and instructor, well tailored to my needs and run at a good pace. Heather, the trainer, has a great understanding of her students.”
    Phil Bell, Electrician- 31st August 2016

  70. Abdulhafe Alharbi

    “Would rate this course overall as excellent and would recommend to others.”
    Abdulhafe Alharbi, – 31st Ausust 2016

  71. denise

    “Excellent, engaging and extremely useful with huge amounts of information to implement. The two days flew by and were thoroughly enjoyable and informative.”

  72. denise

    “Practical, informative and positively adaptive in a very useful and inclusive way which will enable all us attendees to move forward with what we’ve learnt. Would certainly recommend.”

  73. denise

    “Great fun, energetic course, interesting and very useful, not just for the workshops but for sales meetings etc. Tom built confidence within the group and is a very credible trainer.”
    Stephen Johnson, RSD, 08/03/2017

  74. denise

    “Excellent overall, the course was clear and concise with the right content. Thank you.”
    Lorraine Udale, Risk Manager. 08/03/2017

  75. denise

    “The course provided tools that will be both useful corporately and personally. Excellent content, insightful and informative. Count me as a communicative expert!”
    Emma, Accountant, 30/11/2016

  76. denise

    “Dave, the trainer, was amazing. He managed to build my confidence and he gave me all the tools necessary to do a great presentation. So much better than I expected, thank you!”
    Vicky, Senior Buildings Surveyor, 10/03/2017

  77. denise

    The course was an excellent two day presentation by the trainer Alan. It has given me a lot of potential tools to use in the future. I would recommend this course to others.
    Barry Mackenzie, Quality Technician, 28th March 2017

  78. denise

    Alan, the trainer, was excellent, he instilled confidence at a relaxed pace and was so easy going. Would recommend this course.
    Paul Jones, Trainer, 28th March 2017

  79. Denise

    “Val, the trainer, was very helpful. She helped me to understand a lot more about not only taking minutes but all the other tasks involved such as listening skills etc.. This course has given me the confidence to go back to work and start taking minutes.”
    J. Hassall, Inprova Group- March 2017

  80. Denise

    “Thank you for presenting this course so well! I could listen to Tom, the trainer all day. He made the course really interesting and enjoyable.”
    L.Burrows, Systems co-ordinator, May 2017

  81. Denise

    “Tom is possibly the most engaging trainer I have ever come across in my thirty years in the workplace!”
    Mike Barrett, Team Manager, May 2017

  82. Denise

    ” This course was very informative and the trainer was engaging with a fantastic sense of humour. The course was presented at a fabulous pace .”
    R.Marshall, Team Member, May 2017

  83. Denise

    “The trainer was excellent , so funny and engaging. Thank you !”
    M.Hussain, Disclosure Team Member, May 2017

  84. Denise

    “Tom, the trainer, was very passionate about the subject matter and delivered it in an excellent manner!”
    C.Barnes, Disclosure Manager, May 2017

  85. denise

    Val made you feel relaxed which helped a lot as I had never done minutes before.Having it all explained so clearly and by someone so motivated made the course so much more interesting.

  86. denise

    Val was brilliant, very engaging, she covered various topics as well as minute taking.

  87. denise

    The course content was very well structure and excellently delivered by Tom. We felt fully involved from the start and have picked up so many things that we can take away and put into practice.

  88. denise

    I learned a great deal from this course both about myself and my style of training. The course gave me lots of hints and tips that I could take back and implement straight away. Excellent trainer, excellent course.

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