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Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

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1 Day Programme

If your organisation is committed to achieving excellence in customer service and ensuring that your vision for the future reflects the highest standards that the modern-day customer expects – then this course is for you and your team.

This course is an intensive one-day session explaining and examining how teams need to ‘go the extra mile’ – at all customer touch points. Delegates will learn the benefits of being able to differentiate their offerings whilst still being customer friendly and reliable.

Delegates will learn the key activities and planning required to move their service / product offerings to the highest standards, and have the opportunity to learn from real life examples of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to improving quality. It will also enable participants to how to handle awkward customers and potentially turn them into your advocates.


Achieving Excellence in Customer Service  

Course Outline

The programme covers the essential elements of customer care, and how to implement plans and actions – that can lead to delivering at a level of ‘excellence’. Participants will learn about modern levels of service expectation, and the appropriate skills that they will need to develop and build in to their own daily approach. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain and understand what your customers expect from you as a service / product provider (the good and the bad)
  • Clearly articulate what the customer experience ‘should be’ within your organisation – to achieve excellence and differentiation
  • Learn how to build rapport quickly with customers
  • Demonstrate positive listening and effective questioning skill
  • Structure conversations in order to clarify customer requirements and demonstrate you taking ownership
  • Handle challenging customers calmly and confidently
  • Know how to drive for and ensure consistent quality of service
  • Win and retain your customers’ confidence and trust


Suitability – Who should attend?

This course will benefit those who are responsible for setting and / or delivering customer service. It provides a structured approach for understanding and then delivering customer service to a high standard – whilst focussing on ‘going the extra mile’. Key skills will be explained and demonstrated in order to help participants develop confidence. And practical exercises will ensure they are on the right track their own appropriate style


Course Content

Excellence in Customer Service is designed to cover the following areas:

– Introduction and Context to ‘Achieving Excellence in Customer Service’

– How and Why the ‘Top Performing’ Organisations Plan for Excellence             

  • Why high performing organisations drive for customer service excellence
  • Expectations of the modern customer; and why speed, quality and price are no longer enough
  • Key steps undertaken to ensure excellence, differentiation and consistency of quality

– Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

– The Principles of Customer Service

  • A definition of customer service and its principles
  • Internal and external customer service and the role of the customer service teams
  • The difference between a ‘customer focused’ and a ‘process driven service
  • How you can impact on the customer experience
  • Projecting a brand image – identifying service excellence behaviours


– Meeting the Customers Expectations

  • Understanding the customers need and expectations
  • Knowing why customers complain?
  • Barriers to effective communication

– Positive Communications with Your Customers

  • Human nature and mixed communication messages
  • Why first impressions count; and how we can shape the impressions we convey during the customer interaction
    • How to build rapport quickly
    • Practice session preparing for the call and ‘setting the scene’
    • How to generate a customer’s confidence
  • How to use our questioning and listening skills effectively to clarify customer requirements and expectations
    • Practicing active listening
    • Practicing useful questioning techniques
  • Resolving a customer ‘issue’ positively – the importance of closing
    • Understand what a successful resolution ‘looks like’; and know how to close  a call; and / or move along winded caller along politely
    • Using professional focus email


– Managing Challenging Customers

  • Causes of difficult / annoyed customers
  • Our emotional responses to difficult situations – taking control
  • The ‘OK Corral’ Model F. Ernst – understanding each other’s perspective
  • Handling dissatisfaction with EASE – diffusing the situation
    • Reflective and empathetic listening
    • Exploring alternative solutions
    • Practice using the EASE approach
  • Giving ‘bad news’ and saying ‘No’ in a constructive manner


– Ensuring a Consistent Quality Service and Knowing How to Excel


  • Using feedback to improve the quality of service
  • Developing ‘moments of magic’ – how to influence customer loyalty
  • How to exceed customer expectations
  • The importance of ‘word of mouth’ and a positive brand


  • Action Planning session for delegates to focus on their plans for the following week



Delegate Packs
On completion of the course, delegates will receive a delegate pack, which includes:

  • Course workbooks, templates and key reading materials
  • Certificate of Attendance

Added Value
The course trainer will work with all delegates to identify their own organisations customer service strategy and the key personal steps that need to be undertaken in order to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  Outline plans can then be extended into a fully developed plans back in the office.




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