Chairing Effective Meetings

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Chairing Effective Meetings

Do you spend half of your life attending meetings and consider them to be a complete waste of valuable time? Do they lack direction, co-ordination, structure and focus? An effective meeting should leave attendees energised, inspired, with a feeling that they have really accomplished something tangible. This 1 day course will give you the necessary skills, methods and techniques to effectively chair, run, plan and organise a meeting in the most productive and inspiring way possible.

Chairing Effective Meetings

Course Outline
This 1 day participatory course will give delegates the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to chair, lead and manage workplace meetings effectively. Delegates will learn how to plan, structure and organise meetings so that the meeting objectives and desired outcomes are achieved successfully; time is kept to a minimum and participants feel like a sensible process has been followed where they are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate.

Suitability – Who should attend?
This course will benefit anyone who is interested in improving the effectiveness of their meetings in terms of structure, co-ordination, facilitation, output and management of group behaviour.

Course Content

– Introduction to the Field of Meetings

  • Types of Meetings we may have to chair
  • The purposes of Meetings
  • Public sector and Private Sector Meetings
  • Formal and informal Meetings

Planning and Structuring Effective Meetings

  • An opportunity for participants to understand the key elements of planning and
    structuring any formal / informal Meeting. The session would also consider how this theory applies to the specific Meetings participants’ chair.

Leading Meetings Effectively

  • The role of the Chairperson
  • The skills of leading Meetings
  • The skills of Facilitation
  • Managing group dynamics
  • Building on positive behaviours and managing dysfunctional behaviours
  • Turning a “group” into a cohesive working team
  • Maximising participation from Meeting attendees

Skills Practice

  • There would be an opportunity for participants to practice many of the skills, tools and techniques discussed by way of some simulated “Meetings” exercises and to receive feedback on their performance.

Delegate Packs
On completion of the course, delegates will receive a delegate pack which includes:

  • Course workbooks,
  • Copies of slides
  • Contact phone number & email address where attendees can receive follow up consultation with the trainer when back in the workplace
  • Certificate of AttendanceAdded Value
    The course trainer will work with all delegates to create a practical and personal action plan that can be implemented back in the workplace.
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