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Delivering Winning Sales Pitches Course

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Sales Skills

2 Day Programme

This 2 day sales pitches training course is aimed to provide delegates with a range of skills, tools and techniques to enable you to plan, structure and conduct a variety of sales pitches to your clients in different situations, utilising an assortment of approaches within your sector.


Delivering Winning Sales Pitches

Course Outline

The programme covers the essential “Body of Knowledge” required of anyone involved in “pitching” and by the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors requiring to be considered when planning to pitch
  • Acquire the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to “pitch” effectively
  • Understand the etiquette and behaviours of anyone involved in “pitching”
  • Sense the room when “pitching”

Suitability – Who should attend?

This course will benefit anyone who delivers or will deliver sales pitches to clients on both a formal and informal basis.

Course Content

Delivering Winning Sales Pitches is designed to cover the following areas:


– Introduction and Context to the Field of Pitching to Win Business

  • The Importance of Effective “Pitching”
  • The skills, behaviours & etiquette of an effective Pitcher
  • The fears worries, concerns, nerves and challenges of pitching to a Client
  • The Key Messages of Pitching
  • Successful Bid Management – Why companies lose bids


– Planning & Structuring Client Pitches

  • Successful Bid Management – Planning
  • Understanding what the Client really wants
  • “Tenders”, “pre tender” meetings and proposals – what is looked for
  • The aim of the “pitch”
  • The needs of the Client
  • The mindset of the Client
  • The attendees to the pitch
  • The receptiveness levels, attitudes & moods of the attendees
  • The timing of the presentation
  • The venue of the session
  • The “Mood Style” of the attendees
  • Structure a “pitch” session


– Communicating Effectively with the Client

  • The importance of Questioning & Listening for the “pitcher”
  • The type of questions at our disposal and the most appropriate time to use them at a “pitch”
  • The skill and benefits of “Active Listening” at a “pitch”
  • Barriers to effective listening
  • Improving our listening skills
  • Fielding and answering questions effectively
  • Picking up buying signals
  • Picking up “Extra Business/Services” signals


Delivering Client Pitches – The Technical Elements

  • The Presenter as the “Leader” of the “pitch”
  • Delivery tools and techniques
  • Grabbing and Holding Attention
  • “Selling” your message (features and benefits)
  • Demonstrating added value
  • Bringing content “alive”
  • Structuring the “pitch”
  • “Pitching” as part of a team
  • “Pitching” Tenders and Proposals


Delivering Client Pitches – The Interpersonal Elements

  • Maximising “interpersonal” & “communication skills” as a “Pitcher”
  • Maximising the use of Words and Tone of Voice as a “Pitcher”
  • Maximising Body Language as a “Pitcher”
  • Establishing & maintaining credibility as a “Pitcher”
  • Maintaining Neutrality, Objectivity & Impartiality when “pitching”
  • Appearing Cool, Calm Confident and in control – Tricks of the trade to hide nerves
  • Building Rapport & Connecting with the Client & Creating personal impact
  • “Pitching” from a Seated position with “no” visual aids
  • Pitching as a team


Understanding and Managing the Client

  • Understanding the “personality” of the Client
  • Asking the right questions
  • “Switching on” and “Switching off” your Client
  • Adapting your “presentation” behaviours to different Client personalities
  • Gauging the mood of the Client
  • “Sensing the Room”

Delegate Packs

On completion of the course, delegates will receive a delegate pack which includes:

  • Course workbooks,
  • Contact phone number & email address where attendees can receive follow up consultation with the trainer when back in the workplace
  • Certificate of Attendance

Added Value

The course trainer will work with all delegates to create a practical and personal action plan that can be implemented back in the workplace.

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