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Digital Marketing



Designed by professionals currently working in the industry, this course will help to kick start or improve the all round knowledge of digital marketing within your business. From the different online channels and tools to the types of content you should look to publish, our course will detail critical business skills for digital marketeers.


During the two days, you’ll be immersed into the world of digital marketing, exploring how it works, as well as how to create and implement strategies to effectively promote services and products. Our trainers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of digital marketing and will teach you the skills you need for your own projects.

Course Outline (2 day)

Day 1


  • What is digital marketing and why it is important
    • This will explain the need for digital marketing in different industries. How the searching habits of every one of us has changed over time and how the internet in general has conditioned us to expect a great experience online. How this is different for B2C vs B2B audiences
  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
    • Following on from the overview, this section will explain the need to step back and think about your business, your customers and their experiences online. From this I will explain how to dig into every area to ensure you are speaking to your audience on multiple channels in a professional, supportive manner.
    • To start thinking of your marketing strategy less about sales and more about brand building.
    • Expectations of making these types of changes.
    • Market research
      • Competitor analysis
      • Channel analysis
      • Keyword analysis
      • User profiling
    • Google Analytics
  • Paid Advertising (Google AdWords)
    • Paid advertising introduction
      • Explain the three month period (Test, Measure, Scale)
      • Expectations and how your website directly affects this
    • AdWords setup and research
    • Understand the results and data


  • Email Marketing
    • Email Marketing Introduction
      • Where email marketing fits into your wider marketing strategy
    • Email Marketing Strategy
      • Email Marketing is an incredibly powerful channel when properly utilized
      • Understanding your audience, your products and services and how to effectively promote them
      • Customer outreach
      • Prospect outreach
      • Content
    • Email marketing tools
    • Email marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • Search engine optimisation introduction
      • Why this is such an important channel and one to make sure you start on today
      • SEO is free and everyone can do the basics
      • Ranking Factors
    • Research and analysis
    • On-page SEO
      • Meta optimisation
      • Internal Linking / Crawlability
      • On-page content
    • Off-page SEO
      • Link Building
      • Guest Blogging
    • Blogging
    • Local SEO / Google Business

Day 2


  • Social Media
    • Social Introduction (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest)
    • Social advertising
    • Brand Management
    • Tools to help you with your social media strategy
  • Website Design, User Experience and CRO
    • Introduction and why this is so important to the whole marketing strategy
      • Path to purchase
      • Identifying weak points and improvements, and the tools to do this
      • Monitoring and refinement


  • Live workshop (try to review all the attendee websites)
    • Marketing reviews, industry analysis and where you currently sit
    • Design review
    • Conversation rate optimisation and quick fixes

Suitability – Who should attend?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to digital marketing or someone who is looking to develop their skillset, our course covers the fundamentals and offers an opportunity for you to assess the impact of these strategies within your own business environments.


Level of Course


Delegate Packs

On completion of the Digital Marketing training course, delegates will receive a Delegate Pack which includes:

  • Comprehensive Course Notes and Workbooks
  • Contact details for Course Trainer for 3 Month Post Course Follow Up
  • Courtney Associates "Certificate of Achievement"

The price of the course also includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day in one of our high quality training venues, which are conveniently located in the city centre of 5 major cities.  Free Wifi is also provided.


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