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Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating Skills

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Do you have what it takes to negotiate with the best?

Most people are involved with negotiations at some point in their lives, whether this is in a personal context or in a workplace situation. There are many ways to describe negotiation – influencing others to achieve your goal or objective, reaching an agreement, bargaining, persuading, gaining an advantage, getting what you want from a given situation. The whole purpose of Negotiation is to find a solution that benefits all parties. This Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating training course will teach you a range of concepts, methods and approaches to persuading and negotiating with other people in different circumstances and will equip you with the necessary toolkit of skills to have the ability and confidence to influence a situation to your own benefit and advantage.

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Suitability – Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to invest in their career. This course is targeted at people wanting to improve the influence they have over different people & situations in their professional and personal lives.  

What Will I Learn?

This 2 day training course will take your skills to the next level, teaching you a range of methods and approaches to persuading and negotiating with other people in different circumstances. You will have the ability to influence a situation to your own benefit.

Course Content


Introduction and overview of Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating

    • Defining Influencing, Persuasion & Negotiation
    • Identifying times when we “influence, persuade and negotiate” in and outside work, both formally & informally
    • Identifying the key technical & interpersonal skills of influencing, persuading and negotiating

The Principles and technicalities of Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating

    • A step by step guide to Influencing
    • Challenging others’ views
    • Handling objections to your argument
    • Identifying common ground

    • A step by step guide to Persuading
    • Developing a line of reasoned argument
    • Using positive language
    • Planning your argument
    • Asserting yourself

    • A step by step guide to Negotiating
    • Defining what you want from the negotiation
    • Planning to Negotiate
    • The importance of “variables” in any negotiation
    • The importance of “power” in any negotiation
    • Structuring a negotiation meeting
    • Negotiation styles and techniques
    • Moving to a “Win Win” solution – myth or reality
    • Tactics, tools and techniques of negotiation

Skills Exercise

Opportunity to put all of the day’s learning into practice through a Negotiation, Influencing and Persuasion simulated exercise.  

Course Content


The Interpersonal Skills of Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating

    • Maximising your communication skills when Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating
    • The power of words, tone of voice and non-verbals when Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating
    • Using Assertive Behaviour to ask for what you want
    • Making a compelling case for something you want
    • Managing resistance and conflict
    • The importance of questioning and listening in Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating
    • The importance of “Rapport”, “Connecting” “Self Presentation” and “charisma” in Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating

Identifying your natural Negotiating style

    • Recognising your preference and others
    • Impact of different styles
    • When to apply different styles

Skills Exercise

Opportunity to put all of the programme’s learning into practice through a final Negotiation, Influencing and Persuasion Simulated exercise.

DiSC Behavioural Profile

A large part of Negotiation is having an understanding of how other people behave and react in given situations. In order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of this course, we include a DiSC Behavioural Profile Report for every delegate in attendance, and the course trainer will dedicate part of the session to explaining how this extremely powerful and practical tool can be used and applied in the workplace in a wide variety of Management situations. Each delegate will be required to complete a 10 minute online questionnaire in advance of the course which will generate a 20 page personalised report giving a very detailed insight into your own particular “behavioural style”, which will be yours to keep and take away.

Delegate Packs

On completion of the Influencing, Persuasion and Negotiation Skills Course, delegates will receive a Delegate Pack which includes:
  • Comprehensive Course Notes & Workbooks
  • Contact details for Course Trainer for 3 Month Post Course Follow Up
  • Courtney Associates “Certificate of Achievement”
The price of the course also includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day in one of our high quality training venues, which are conveniently located in the city centre of 5 major cities.  Free Wifi is also provided.  
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