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Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

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Microsoft Powerpoint

This course is designed for new users of Microsoft PowerPoint who wish to be able to use the software to produce slides, audience handouts and speakers notes.

Course Aim
To provide a hands-on experience of creating PowerPoint presentations, including creating slides for electronic presentations, automatic slide shows and audience handouts.

Laptop with PowerPoint installed and working. No prior experience needed.
Course Content:

The Fundamentals
• Starting PowerPoint
• The Program Screen Layout
• The Ribbon
• Office Button and the Quick Access Toolbar
• Keyboard Commands
• Contextual Menus and the Mini Toolbar
• Using Help
• Exiting PowerPoint

Presentation Basics
• Creating a New Presentation
• Inserting Slides and Selecting a Layout
• Opening a Presentation
• Navigating a Presentation
• Using Undo, Redo and Repeat
• Saving a Presentation
• Using Print Preview
• Printing a Presentation
• Closing a Presentation

Inserting and Editing Text
• Inserting Text
• Inserting a Text Box
• Editing Text
• Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
• Using the Office Clipboard
• Moving and Copying Text Using the Mouse
• Checking Your Spelling
• Finding and Replacing Text
• Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

Formatting Text
• Changing Font Type
• Changing Font Size
• Changing Font Colour
• Changing Font Style
• Using the Font Dialog Box
• Using the Format Painter
• Using WordArt

Viewing a Presentation
• Changing Views
• Using the Zoom Controls
• Using the Outline Pane
• Working with the Presentation Window

Formatting a Presentation
• Rearranging Slides
• Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
• Formatting Paragraphs
• Working with Tabs and Indents
• Changing Page Setup

Applying Transition and Animation Effects
• Applying a Transition Effect
• Modifying a Transition Effect
• Applying a Standard Animation Effect
• Applying a Custom Animation Effect
• Modifying Animation Effects
• Previewing a Transition or Animation Effect

Delivering a Presentation
• Viewing the Presentation as an on-screen slide show

Versions 2007 onward

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