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Self Esteem and Assertiveness Course

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Self Esteem and Assertiveness Training Course

This one day Developing Self Esteem, Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness training course will provide each learner with the knowledge and skills to understand themselves and others and to learn more about who they are, in doing so they can develop and adapt effective skills to help them manage their performance both personally and professionally in a range of different situations.

Course Outline

This comprehensive programme is designed to unlock the potential in delegates on a personal and professional basis. The course allows delegates to develop strategies for “being all they can be”, both inside and outside the working environment. Delegates will come to recognise their own “behavioural styles” and the behavioural styles of others and in so doing, gain an insight into how they may influence, connect and have a positive impact on relationships and situations, both in and out of work.

Suitability – Who should attend?

Any member of staff wishing to develop the skills and confidence to control and manage themselves more effectively at work, at home and in life generally, in a variety of situations.

Course Content

– Understanding Yourself and Others

  • Their value to the organisation
  • How they naturally communicate with others
  • How they like to be communicated to
  • How they manage and interact with others
  • Their preferred working environment
  • How they see themselves and how others see them

Understanding Why We Behave in Particular Ways

  • How our “self talk” creates our self image and influences our behaviour
  • How our habits and attitudes influence our behaviour

Communicating Assertively

  • What assertive communication is and is not
  • How we should plan, structure and conduct assertive communication
  • Using assertive communication in a variety of situations

Projecting a Professional Image

  • Maximising our personal impact
  • Connecting with people and building rapport
  • Establishing our credibility in the eyes of others
  • Promoting and presenting ourselves effectively
  • Influencing other people’s perception of us
  • Maximising our personal power and influence
  • Making positive first impressions
  • Looking and sounding confident
  • Creating a sincere self belief
  • Understanding the power of feedback
  • Understanding the power of our appearance

Influencing and Negotiating

  • Learning how to influence others
  • Understanding Influencing styles
  • Understanding the strategies and tactics of Negotiation
  • Planning and conducting Negotiations
  • Securing a Win/Win outcome

Managing Your Stress

  • The causes and symptoms of stress
  • Approaches to managing our stressors


Delegate Packs

On completion of the Self Esteem, Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness course, delegates will receive a Delegate Pack which includes:

  • Comprehensive Course Notes & Workbooks
  • Contact details for Course Trainer for 3 Month Post Course Follow Up
  • Courtney Associates "Certificate of Achievement"

The price of the course also includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day in one of our high quality training venues, which are conveniently located in the city centre of 5 major cities.  Free Wifi is also provided.


If you have 4 delegates or more who require training in this area, it is often more cost effective for us to come and deliver the training "in-house" at your workplace, wherever you are located in the UK.

We can either deliver the course as "Standard" as described above, or we can offer a more "Customised" version where we re-design the content and create Case Studies and Group Exercises that are "tailored" to your industry/sector/company, and will focus on the particular issues you are looking to have addressed within your team.

To maximise the learning opportunity for the delegates in attendance, we can train a maximum of 12 people on this course in any one session.






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