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Successful Selling Over The Phone

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This 1 day ‘Successful Selling Over the Telephone’ course is aimed to help delegates who are responsible for contacting potential new customers / or receiving calls, and closing the sale.

This course will help participants to understand the importance of establishing rapport quickly and how to develop an effective hook to engage their potential customers in longer conversations. It will also help develop a key suite of skills and techniques to engage others more effectively and move towards more positive outcomes from conducted calls.

Predominantly for those in either a B2B or B2C selling relationship, it tackles some of the hard topics – such as keeping a ‘positive mindset’, ‘handling rejection’, and ‘overcoming objections’

The course helps to re-affirm the importance of knowledge about the service / products that your organisation provides; with a view of being able to clearly articulate the benefits to the customer. Listening and questioning skills will be practised in order to enhance capabilities – and ensure that participants quickly build their confidence.


Successful Selling Over the Telephone

Course Outline

The programme covers the planning stage before engaging with new customers, followed by the essential steps that need to be under-taken for a successful outcome on the telephone. It will leave the participants with a daily routine and a considered approach that allows them to engage people with their own chosen style but with a renewed confidence. By the end of the course they will be able to:

  • Explain and articulate the features and benefits of the services / products that you are selling
  • Understand what your customers are thinking about in ‘their world’ and how this affects their reaction to your call – and how this can be used to improve your own engagement techniques
  • Clearly articulate what the W.I.I.F.M is (for the customer) from your call
  • Learn how to turn a potential ‘cold call’ into a ‘warm’ and conversational discussion that will be received well
  • Develop your listening skills and refine your questioning skill in order to engage more effectively
  • Techniques for researching and identifying what customers see as the ‘hook’ or reason for continuing the call / agreeing to a sale
  • Avoid and manage gatekeepers, and how to engage other people on your journey to the potential customer
  • Learn the common techniques to overcome objections, and prepare in advance for when they arise
  • Learn how to create a genuine interest your service / product from your potential customer and identify the hook
  • Know when to ask for the sale, and the appropriate closing technique
  • Create a daily / weekly engagement plan best suited to your business and potential customers


Suitability – Who should attend?

This course will benefit anyone who is responsible for selling over the telephone – and where there is little or no relationship to begin with. It will provide you with a structure for your day, and guidance on difficult topics such as moving past gatekeepers and handling difficult objections. It will also give you confidence when talking to the right person to be able to ask for the sale, knowing that you have an arsenal of techniques for over-coming objections, and have answered all of their questions.


Course Content

This one day course is designed to cover the following areas:

– Introduction and Context to ‘Successful Selling Over the Telephone’

  • Exploring the changing face of ‘cold calling’ and customers expectations when dealing with people over the telephone
  • A ‘day in the life’ of your prospect…
  • Key reasons behind high rates of success and the ‘likeability’ factor of the callers
  • Identifying what the ideal appointment getting person would be ‘saying & doing’

– Successful Selling Over the Telephone

– The Importance of Researching the Customer, and Your Own Offering

  • How to quickly and effectively research your prospects / call list in the 4 main areas i.e. personal; their role; their business; their industry – using the Web, Linkedin and Trade /Sector Publications etc.
  • What we know about your own products / services and organisation, and how it can be used to make a difference


– How to Quickly Build Rapport and Trust on the Telephone

  • Why first impressions count; and how we can shape the impressions we convey over the telephone
  • Creating a professional image on the telephone (words v tone!)
  • Choosing our persona for the ‘initial opening’ and ‘lasting impression’
  • The elements of ‘Trust’ and how to demonstrate and build it on your calls


– How to Create Curiosity and Developing Your Planned Approach

  • The use of ‘curiosity’ to engage with our prospects – how to develop the topics that will create it
  • Identifying what is important to your prospect i.e. using the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ model for engagement
  • Deciding on the ‘approach’ you will use through the call; practice scripting – examples of good and bad approaches
  • Developing and finalising your script; script tests (with Peers)


Implementing the Call

  • Identifying who your talking with; and using the appropriate approach
    • Making a Gatekeeper discussion productive
    • Managing a referral / colleague discussion
  • Listening skills; using verbal nods and looking for engagement ‘hooks’
  • Questioning skills that will shape the right outcome

    Turning the Conversation into an Appointment
  • Over-coming objections
  • Examining the common tactics used by gatekeepers / prospects to avoid committing
  • Examining the common phrases, and the ideal riposte’
  • Avoidance approaches to avoid being drawn into a sales discussion
  • Using the ‘curiosity’ or ‘hook’ information to demonstrate the ‘worth’ of the prospect agreeing to an appointment


– Confirming the Appointment

The importance of an immediate ‘thank you’ and confirming the appointment

    • For you; the referred sales person; your business
  • How to add value after the call – to continue building ‘Trust’ in the relationship between your business and the prospects
  • What actions need to be undertaken prior to the meeting
  • Action Planning session for delegates to focus on their plans for the following week

Delegate Packs

On completion of the course, delegates will receive a delegate pack, which includes:

  • Course workbooks, templates and key reading materials
  • Certificate of Attendance

Added Value

The course trainer will work with all delegates to identify their ‘hooks’ and topics to create customer curiosity; their specific call approach; personalised phrases for objection handling, and a partial filled activity plan for the following weeks calls – that can be extended into a full blown plan back in the office.



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