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The Secrets of Effective Time Management

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Effective Time Management Training Course

This 1 day Effective Time Management course is designed to give you the practical skills to tackle common problems that are associated with poor management of time. Rather than giving you excuses for repeatedly missing deadlines, procrastinating and not actioning important tasks, feeling overloaded and disorganised, the workshop provides a range of time management tools, techniques and ways of thinking that will enable you to actually take control of your time by planning and prioritising tasks effectively. This will serve to enhance your overall effectiveness and allow you to achieve more in shorter periods and will give you back a sense of control.

Course Outline

Do you:

  • Feel like work and life are managing you rather than the other way around?
  • Procrastinate and put off jobs that really need to be actioned?
  • Often run late and over schedule yourself?
  • Feel the need to make excuses for being late, missing deadlines or not being in control of a situation or your workload?

This Time Management training course will give you an understanding of how important and precious time is to you and others around you and will give you the skills to reduce interruptions and minimise time “wasters” and time “stealers”. By the end of the course you will have been taught the skills to improve your own time management through better planning; prioritising; delegating; controlling your environment; understanding yourself and identifying what you will change about your habits, routines and attitude.

Suitability – Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone looking to possess effective management skills and to make effective use of their time in personal and professional situations. This could include senior managers, operations managers, project managers, line managers, supervisors, team leaders, administrators and anyone who has to manage a challenging workload, prioritise tasks and work to strict deadlines.


Pre-course activity

Prior to the course we ask delegates to identify the key areas of their work which are most important and require the most attention.

During the course, the training consultant will work with all delegates to create a practical and personal action plan that can be implemented back in and outside of the workplace.

Course Content

The Effective Time Management training course is designed to cover the following areas:

Defining Time

  • What do we mean by “time management”?
  • Recognising what good and poor time management is
  • Understanding the causes and symptoms of poor time management
  • Identifying “Time Stealers”

Managing Time – A Process for Success

  • Understanding the purpose of your job “Why are you here?”
  • Understanding your Objectives
  • Identifying your responsibilities and priorities
  • Planning your tasks versus time available
  • Urgent versus Important
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Eliminating “Time Wasters”

Practical Tools & Techniques to get the most out of your job and your life

  • Tools and techniques on how to prioritise your workload
  • Using modern planning tools to optimum effect to develop proactive planning
  • The importance of “Objectives” in Managing Time
  • Utilising Microsoft Outlook to Manage Time, including Calendar Syncing
  • Controlling your emails
  • Effective In-Tray Management
  • Utilising Scheduling tools – “To Do” Lists and Daily Time Logs
  • Ensuring a work/life balance
  • Reducing Stress in your life
  • The “Psychology” of Time Management
  • General Principles of Time Management

Managing Other People’s Impact on your Time

  • Asserting yourself with others
  • Delegation Skills
  • Managing Interruptions

Making it Work

  • Q & A session on other time management issues
  • Creating a practical and personal action plan to implement back in the workplace

Delegate Packs

On completion of the course, delegates will receive a delegate pack which includes:

  • Course workbooks
  • Contact phone number & email address where attendees can receive follow up consultation with the trainer when back in the workplace
  • Certificate of Acheivement

Added Value

The course trainer will work with all delegates to create a practical and personal action plan that can be implemented back in the workplace.

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