Courtney Associates’ incredible in-company training courses

Courtney Associates’ incredible in-company training courses 

If you’re an employer or individual learner looking to develop your leadership or managerial skills, Courtney Associates is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of motivational business training courses and coaching solutions in diverse fields such as leadership, management and supervisory development. Employers will be delighted by our in-company training programs that are specially tailored to address specific issues concerning their organizations. We offer exclusive coaching to individual employers who need training in a particular area. Alternatively, we provide extended management training programs for entire teams. Individual learners can also benefit highly from our in-company training courses.

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We provide our enriching courses in five key cities around the United Kingdom: Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, London and Manchester. All our courses are uniquely tailor-made to ensure you derive the maximum benefits worth your training investment. The also equip you with the necessary skillset that’ll allow you to achieve your personal as well as professional goals. We’ve been providing these services for about thirty years now, allowing us to amass a wealth of expertise and knowledge in this field. It doesn’t matter the sector your business operates, our qualified team will provide quality training and coaching that will transform your employees’ performance.

Our in-company training gives employers the chance to improve the productivity and performance of their elite workforce. It also unlocks their vast potential. There’s a selection of in-company training courses you can choose from, all of which are specifically designed to meet the precise development needs of your employees. We offer three different training levels: standard, tailored and bespoke. The standard level allows you to receive our content exactly as specified in the respective programme outline. In the tailored level, we include any terminology that’s specific to your company. The bespoke level allows us to re-write the entire course from scratch so that we can meet all your organization’s specific needs.

We offer a cost-effective method of equipping employers with all the crucial skills they desire. The initial consultation meeting that’s free of charge helps the course trainer to meet and converse with the client for the purpose of discussing all their particular requirements involving the course design, delivery, content and budget. All our workshops are interactive, encouraging the delegates to gain knowledge through group exercises, trainer presentation and discussions. Once the course is complete, delegates receive a special delegate pack that includes the course workbooks, contact details of conducting course trainer, copies of all slides and attendance certificate.

The in-company training techniques we employ offer a wholesome value addition among participating delegates. After the course is through, the trainer works together with all the delegates to design a personal and practical action plan. This plan can be implemented in the delegates’ respective workplaces. In-company training involves a wide array of skill coaching. This includes communication skills, interpersonal skills, presentation skills and effective meeting skills. Take advantage of this priceless opportunity by visiting to get detailed information concerning our range of courses.

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