Effective Sales Training from Courtney Associates

Courtney Associates have a great range of public courses where you can learn new skills and develop further, skills you already have. One of the public courses that Courtney Associates hold is Effective Sales Skills Training. This course is targeted at anyone whose work depends on successful telephone skills, from receptionist and administration staff to new and existing sales staff. For beginners and intermediate levels who want to maximise the impact of their telephone techniques, customer service and sales skills in work based situations.


This course is just 1 day long and will allow participants to focus on enhancing your current Sales and Customer Service skills and knowledge. The course will give you a solid understanding of the importance of professional customer care in all aspects of your telephone duties, whilst the second part of the day will focus on providing you with the correct tools and techniques to sell to customers and close deals, negotiate and gain a “win win” situation for both parties. The course will enable you to learn new skills to deal with difficult situations.


The course will cover an introduction to sales skills covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • Provide telephone users skills and knowledge to utilise the telephone as an effective communication tool
  • Understand the differences between tone and words
  • Structure your phone calls
  • Demonstrate understanding of customer perceptions and how to meet customer requirements.
  • Handle objections and complaints professionally to achieve a positive outcome

There is also a great range of course content, covering everything you will need to know to be a successful sales person. The content includes:

  • Improving on your ability to arrange and prepare for sales appointments and to effectively sell your product/service.
  • Misery Moments
  • Identifying your customers and their needs
  • Customers come in four main categories
  • Listening Skills
  • Closing the Sale
  • Negotiation skills


The delivery of this course will be extremely interactive for you, with ample opportunity for you to take part in your own learning experience through practical exercises, group discussions, and relevant role play. Making this course hugely fun for all those who take part.


If you are looking for a sales course that is fun and will help you to develop your skills and teach you new ones, then contact Courtney Associates to book onto this course. Or for more information visit their Effective Sale Skills Training page.


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