How to Build an All Star Team

Having a top team is critical when it comes to the success of your business. Maybe you’ve had a life-changing idea and are creating a start-up. Perhaps you’re already running a well-established company that should be performing better than it is.

To overcome any challenges your company faces, you need an all-star team. Here, we look at how to get one and ensure that it pays dividends.


Take a look at your business and identify the gaps. Do you need to improve your online presence? Do you need a better HR process? Or do you need someone to organise the day-to-day stuff?

Just as you wouldn’t search for a new house without knowing your budget, never choose your team without first knowing where their skills are most needed. Take the time to do a full company review or forecast and employ members of your team accordingly.


Whilst by no means perfect, there’s a reason that the humble interview remains the go-to method when recruiting. The interview is an opportunity to get the measure of someone both personally and professionally.

Ask questions you really want the answers to. Ask about a candidate’s employment history, what they think their talents are. Ask how they’ve handled difficult situations and what their solution would be to a hurdle your business is trying to overcome. Keep in mind that you can always teach skills, but it’s impossible to give a person drive, the right attitude and a sterling work ethic.


The members of your all-star team must embrace being part of a bigger whole and have the desire to use their skills to achieve a positive outcome for all. Of course, if you want your team to buy into this approach, you have to incentivise.

Having team goals and rewards is one way to ensure that your people are completely invested in the spirit of your company. They foster collaboration, motivation and accountability, and drive your team to overcome obstacles as a collective.


Hiring the right people is only half the battle. The next step is to force multiply; putting your all-star players together in the same basket so to speak.

Think about what one top member of your team can achieve individually. Now think about what the outcome and productivity would be if you multiplied that person by 5. The result is an all-star team ready to take on the most valuable projects and smash the most critical targets. 


There’s no point creating an all-star team only to have it flounder under bad management. There are so many instances of this; it’s difficult to pick just one.

One example is Ford Motor Co. Until 2006, the company had been struggling financially for over 20 years, losing approximately a point of market share year on year. They appointed a new CEO and sure enough, the company very quickly started to make money again. Ford didn’t make any changes to its senior team; the difference was inspirational leadership.

In the post-recession climate, it’s more important than ever to have an all-star team that understands the bigger picture. Business training, along with team building and talent progression are key to ensuring that your people fulfil their potential and realise your company dreams.  

An all-star team rises and falls together. They succeed and fail together, and are confident and vulnerable together. An all-star team is a harmonised entity making your business a success – together.

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