Cancellation Policy

Covid Related Cancellations

In response to the impact of Covid with regards to the increasing rate of infections and the need for people to self-isolate, we aim to be as flexible as we can with regards to recognising the need for people to cancel training at short notice.   Therefore, if you need to cancel a course due to Covid, we will be happy to either move you to a different course at a future date, in the the case of public/open courses, or reschedule a new date for any In-House training, without charging a Cancellation Fee.  Please note that we will raise the invoice for the original dates of the In-House training and our payment terms are 30 days nett from the date of invoice.  If the cancellation is not Covid related, the following policy terms apply.

Course Cancellation Policy

With regards to the bookings we receive in relation to both our Public / Open Courses, and also our In-Company training, we recognise that there are times when people need to cancel or change dates at the last minute due to a variety of different reasons.  As a company we consistently do our best to offer our customers and clients as much flexibility as possible with regards to accessing our services, and will endeavour to change dates and swap people onto alternative courses where we can.  However, there are times when this is not possible if tutors, venues, catering, etc have already been booked, such as in the case of Public/Open courses, or in the case of In-Company training where dates have been secured in the diary for a period of time, which has resulted in other requests for training being declined. We must try to ensure that all parties concerned, where possible, are not disadvantaged through loss of earnings and have therefore, introduced the following policy with regards to bookings made with us.

Public Courses (Open Course Bookings)

Delegates cancelling a course or changing a course date, delivered by Courtney Associates, must do so at least 10 working days in advance in order to avoid paying a 50% cancellation fee. If Cancellation notice is received less than 5 working days prior to the course date, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the training fee.

It is possible to substitute a delegate up to the commencement of the course without incurring a penalty.  However, we must be notified by email or phone of the name of the new delegate as soon as the substitution has been decided.

In House Training

For training that is delivered on a client’s site, there is no penalty if a cancellation notice is received 15 working days prior to the onsite training date. If a cancellation notice is received by Courtney Associates less than 15 working days but more than 7 working days prior to the training date, the cancellation charge is 50% of the training fee.
If a cancellation notice is received by Courtney Associates less than 7 working days prior to the training date, the cancellation charge is 100% of the training fee.

e-Learning Courses

Where a student purchases a course but then has a change of mind, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.  We will offer a full “No Questions Asked” refund within 30 days of purchase so long as the course has not been accessed.