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Online Training – The Benefits to Individuals

The increase in popularity of online training is no coincidence. The statistics don’t lie. Holding formal training events is a great way to get people engaged, but that’s not the only option. Many of those who are looking to enhance their learn-ing and development are turning to online training to make this happen.

This week, we take a look at the many benefits of online training and how it can work for you as an individual.


The statistics show that 89% of British workers believe that flexible working hours would boost their productivity. It’s why many companies are working hard to respect the work-life balance and honouring requests from their staff to work more flexible hours and/or remotely. Online training offers individuals the chance to access the same training opportunities as their colleagues at a time and place convenient to them.

Flexibility isn’t just related to times and places though. When it comes to the learning process, everybody’s different. Some people like to work at their own pace, others need set boundaries and time limits. Some learn better with demonstrations, others are best left to absorb information alone. Online training gives everyone the opportunity to learn in their own way. It removes the ‘one size fits all’ approach and means that those undertaking the training retain knowledge more effectively.


Networking is no longer restricted to social media or organised events. Participating in an online course can be a great way to meet other like minded people who have similar interests and aspirations.

E-learning is a great platform for sharing knowledge, particularly for those working remotely. Working irregular hours or away from the office can be isolating. Developing a sense of online community can encourage interaction and really boost productivity.


Online training courses boast the benefit of immediate feedback. Once a task has been completed, the user can evaluate their performance straight away and make improvements and changes much more efficiently. Receiving meaningful feedback throughout the online training has proven benefits to knowledge retention. It also gives people the chance to take more autonomy over their work, learning and development.

Many online platforms have dedicated advisors or trainers that can be contact-ed quickly as and when problems arise. This is a fantastic resource, given that receiving meaningful feedback throughout the training has proven benefits to knowledge retention.

The mutual benefits of E-learning for both businesses and individuals is pretty undeniable. Whether you’re someone looking to increase your employability, a self-employed individual seeking to grow your business, or an employer who wants to help their employees develop, online training is worth considering. The flexibility, efficiency and more accessible working style means that a larger and more diverse group of participants can help to grow themselves and their businesses.

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